Bmw 1 Series

Bmw 1 Series 3 door

The Bmw 1 Series 3 door is one of the advanced one in the series 1 of Bmw. The series 1 of the Bmw has the brake energy regeneration as the first case. The system is also provided with an IAC or intelligent alternator control as well as mat battery made of absorbent battery in order to recycle the energy that is previously lost, thus helping in the process of saving the fuel.

Bmw 1 Series 3 door has a very new technology that does the process of cutting the emissions up to a level of twenty one per cent and thus enables the improvement of fuel consumption by up to a level of twenty four percent. The fuels saving models are the three and five door model of the 1 series and these are found be extremely fuel efficient. The technologies like the Automatic start and the stop function, the regeneration of brake energy, the power steering using electric means which are combined with the resistant tyres and a change indicator (gear shift) encourage motoring in an economic motoring. The use of the valve technologies that are variable in nature and the injection engines which are of high precision are other prominent features.

The above two features are helpful in the process of boosting the power output and to cut the consumption of fuels as well as emissions at the same time. The steering that uses electric power shows a saving of power up to ninety per cent while comparing it with mechanical or hydraulic system used for the purpose of steering. For turning a corner or movements like this, the power assistance provided by the electric motor is used.

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