Bmw 1 Series

Bmw 1 Series 5 door

The bmw cars are well reputed due to their refreshing looks of the interior and exterior portions of the cars. The Bmw 1 Series 5 door is no exception to this fact and this sports an innovative design which will be greatly useful in increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and also giving a very rich and the luxurious looks to this vehicles. This vehicle by far is the most fuel efficient car in this sector. The handling and the braking feature of this car is the standout feature of this upgraded version of the car. This car has been engineered in such a way it is possible to touch the magical 60mpg, the lightweight engineering of this car has made it possible to achieve this milestone. The Bmw 1 Series 5 door also helps in reducing the running costs of the vehicle to a large extent, thereby able to save large amount of the ownership costs of the product.

Innovative fuel saving technology

The car adopts the automatic stop and start feature to cut down the consumption of the fuel to a large extent. This car will be able to switch off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stationary position or the gear is in neutral state. It automatically starts when there is a clutch action. The vehicle dynamics, traction control and also the safety aspects of the car is uniquely built to attain the best drive. There are other optional features for this car to cater to the specific needs.

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