Bmw 1 Series

Bmw 1 Series Coupe

Among the various cars in the range that belonged to the year of 2008, the least costly model is the Bmw 1 Series Coupe. The same features as the 3 series such as the competent suspension or the power train with rear wheel drive are offered. But a comparatively lighter construction and a smaller version is the 1 series coupe. The aim of this particular model is to evoke the interests and satisfaction that the 2002 BMW model had brought in the years of 1960s and 1970s and this model was considered to be the first ever sport sedan.

The engines of this popular car model, on demand may be of coolant pump type. This is done for the purpose of improvement of economy of fuel and to the increase the power. The drivers of this model are mostly expected to elect the 6 speed transmission (manual) and this is found to be the very satisfying as in the case of the 3 series. It is to be known that a 6 speed automatic transmission is also available. The car is found to be a more loud noise on the production of this performance which is a combined effect of less interior materials for the purpose of sound deadening and an exhaust that is more audible.

The Bmw 1 series is one of the least costly automobiles with a very serious potential (track) in the market and it performs the job of complementing the rear wheel drive handle procedure with a double pivoted front suspension made of aluminium. The equipment of the car with the Dynamic Stability control as well as the dynamic traction control that help in the prevention of loss of the vehicle control. The variable steering system is made available as an important option.

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