Bmw 3 Series

Bmw 3 Series Convertible

Bmw 3 Series Convertible cars are one of the most technically sound cars produced in recent years. The technological features and also the comfort level of these cars are far ahead than all other cars and their competitors are normally ranked based on how close they can match the quality of these cars. These cars come with number of variants such as 318i, 320i, 325is, 328i and M3.

Bmw 3 series convertible 318i consists of 1796 cc engine capacity with 4-cylinder engine. It has the maximum torque of about 198 Nm at around 3900 rpm. Hence this is considered to give maximum torque at the limited revolution. Also its volumetric efficiency is quite high compared to the other models of the Bmw cars available in the commercial market. It has top speed of 121 mph with low acceleration of 0-100 km/h,s in almost 11 seconds (10 sec to be exact}. Bmw 3 Series Convertible 320i comprises of 6-cylinder engine with the engine volume capacity of 1991 cc. it provides better drag with accurate positioning of the flywheel to give maximum running torque. It is petrol fueled to give top speed of 211 kmph. This was introduced in the year 1994. This car has low acceleration capability reaching 100 km in only 10.6 sec, which is greater than 318i variant. Bmw 3 series convertible M3 variant comes with lots of goods compared to other variants. It has top speed of 250 kmph with immaculate acceleration reaching the mark of 100km in 5.6 sec. This makes M3 variant to be popular all over the world.

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