Bmw 3 Series

Bmw 3 Series

Bmw 3 Series 2009The Bmw 3 series is ranked number one in the entry level luxury cars category. The technological features and also the comfort level of these cars are far ahead than all other cars and their competitors are normally ranked based on how close they can match the quality of these cars. The driving control and the feel which is being offered by these cars are very supreme and is one of the best attributes towards the success of these cars.

The weight is evenly balanced with 50/50 and the suspension of this vehicle is built in such a style it gives a sporty feel to the vehicle. The Bmw 3 series cannot be considered as a sports vehicle but this typically a comfortable sedan or the coupe variant. There is a wide range of powerful engines which is being offered by the manufacturers including the new variant which is released in the year 2009, the twin turbo diesel engine which provides an excellent range of the off the line torque for a very powerful and also comfortable drive, also the economy of the fuel is much higher in this when compared to the previous ones.

Exterior and interior features of Bmw 3 series

The exterior of the car is very sleek and gives a very royal and a rich look. The interior of the car is very comfortable and excellent aesthetics is provided, but the only drawback of the interior is that there is criticism that they lack storage space. The car also boasts of the best safety features which provide a great drive.

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