Bmw 5 Series

Bmw 5 Series Gran Turismo

Bmw cars are known to be customer friendly with added attributes in terms of performance. Bmw 5 series cars come up with branded performance characteristics with better torque and qualified mileage characteristics. The updated versions of Bmw 5 series cars include new variety of bumpers totally modified. The taillights and headlights are incorporated with dignified LED mobilized technology to gain better clarity in dispersion of the light through glassed casing. These models exhibit better volumetric efficiency producing captivating torque generated at rated speed.

Bmw 5 Series Gran Turismo cars are popular among all the countries of the world giving the company great grounds to exploit its market globally. The choice of color depends on the interests of the customer. Also the features like long type bonnet suits general purpose of the car. Also one can demand certain modifications at the time of delivery to enhance its performance.

The engine consists of several vital components producing 225KW of energy to provide the required drive. It encompasses higher location seating providing better-cushioned seats to facilitate elevated seating of passengers traveling. It consists of 8 speed gears with automatic transmission. It is considered to combination of several varieties of cars released by Bmw namely Sedan and Gran Turismo. The external shape of the body constitutes to be 5-door wagon type with better aesthetic appearance. Engine consists of six cylinders providing maximum torque of about 235kW at the rated speed. Generally the car comes up with 6 speed gears achieving good level of acceleration of about 100 kmph in about 5.2seconds.

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