Bmw 5 Series

Bmw 5 Series Security

Bmw 5 Series Security

The Bmw 5 Series Security launch has revolutionized the concept of the security cars. This premium segment car which falls in the upper medium sector of the cars is surely one of the best available cars till date which will be able to provide the passengers with great amount of the security due to its conceptual engineering and can protect the people from the weapons. Apart from the security aspect, this Bmw 5 Series car also provides the driver with the exceptional riding, handling and also the breaking control of the vehicle. The suspension of the vehicle is also a standout feature of this car. There are two variants in this Bmw 5 Series Security car which includes the 550i and the 530i, which is the European version of this car. The car provide uncompromised security features which includes the 22mm thick glass capable of the resisting the gun shots. The 550i version comes with the 8 cylinder configuration capable of having great power delivery and the 530i version comprises of the 6 cylinders of 3.0 liter each.

Bmw night vision-optional feature

The Bmw 5 Series Security has an optional feature of the night vision, which makes it possible to detect ay animals, persons or hindrance at the distance of about 300m from the car using the thermal camera and send it to the central control display, hence the driver can be alerted by this feature. The bmw continue to surprise the millions of car enthusiasts around the world with the launch of it conceptual cars.

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