Bmw 6 Series Convertible

If you want a merge of both power and aesthetic in a single car in the bmw series then the best choice would be Bmw 6 series Convertible model. They are rocking because of offering the best comfort to the people both with its structure and in cost wise comparing to other similar models. It has 6 cylinder 2996cc engines which is the back bone for extra ordinary output. The interior structures in addition to comfort is luxurious and even the exterior appearance creates a majestic thought in the minds of people just at the first sight.

The special types of electric motor added near the wheel have excessive control over the angle of the wheel and also helps in controlling the speed of the car. To control the traction dynamic traction control system is added externally. Considering this model plus from safety point of view special types of airbags are been added to drives and co drivers. Then added to this side bag are also added. These models are driven primarily based on petrol and diesel and other gas forms are considered to be foreign material for this system.

The price is approximately around 85 lakh and they are available in wide range of colors like deep sea blue, silver, white, black. But most of them prefer black based model since it is considered to be splendid compared with the rest. The tyre added to this has special feature like dual run flat tyres but to get the required support the side walls are strengthened to meet the requirement.

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