Bmw 7 Series

The crazes towards cars have not ended up at any point till now. It has become a habit to change the model of the car frequently and to update them. Most of the luxurious well wishers these days prefer the bmw series of car since the majestic appearance and mind blowing performance makes it to be hot always. These German based cars even though have been in the market since late 70s only after the release of second generation of cars they have set huge vibration through out the world. The latest model is completely automated one with out any manual transmission which is nothing but the 7 series bmw cars.

To state it precisely they are only successors of the e series cars which were present right from 1970s in the market. These cars are designed even considering from security point of view and special device are also fitted to full fill the base. The transmission is stated as with 4 speed automation. Idrive system control all the other secondary accessories fitted in the car like communication, navigation, audio, climate etc. But this system is under critics since they considering handling it is not a simple job and they follow complex route. They are available in thirteen models where almost most of those are available in the European countries but only selected five variants have hit the United States market till now. The eye striking exterior look and comfortable interior designing is added plus for this variety of car. They have designed it in such a way that the seating packages have both offers of heating system and best ventilation arrangements.

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