Bmw M Series

Bmw M5

The BMW M5 is a product of BMW Motor sport which the best and stands unique among the BMW 5-series automobile. The performance of this BMW M5 is very high and efficient. This high performance BMW M5 was first inaugurated at the Amsterdam Motor Show. This took place around in the year 1984.this BMW M5 consists of many components from all the different series of BMW, from the series like E34, E28, E39 and most latest the E61 and E60. Initially, people were not updated with all the technologies. So this BMW M5 model was built with handmade machines and tools. It didn’t use any of the latest technology and still it has its own merits and demerits.

The BMW M1 engine and 525i chassis was all used in building up the grand high performer BMW M5. When this BMW M5 was first launched this was the fastest production in the whole world. But the BMW M5 created in those days was very few in number. So this particular thing made it very special and the cost and the value of this car became very high. When they decided to launch the car, one thing became very clear. That the BMW E28 M5 didn’t do any better than the heavier, top class one and the most expensive and one of the most best designed cars, the E24 M635csi. That is the BMW M6, which was more expensive in those days and which was one of the top cars of the world at those times.

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