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Exposure car 2007 of the Chicago in place of McCormick

The Chicago that the 2007 exposure 18 cars happens the 9 to February to the recently renewed place of McCormick in Chicago of the center. The government reporters from the exposure pavement will be freed once that the limited forecast for means begins 7 Wednesdays February.

Twenty different vehicles are previewed to be reveal you to the exposure car 2007 of the Chicago. The vehicles that are to debut to the exposure car dictate will be automobiles and not production concepts. However, the greater part of the concept automobiles that previously have been introduces you to the exposures recent cars as the exposure car 2007 de Detroit and the exposure car 2007 de Los Angeles moreover respective will be included.

It is previewed that approximately million hosts they participate during the duration of 10 days of the exposure. The place of McCormick, the center of the reunion of the exposure car measure 1,3 million square feet in order to supply the automotive manufacturers of participation enough the wide room of the exposure for their lines of model. The track of the famous inside of the test of jeep the hour moreover will characterize a slippery ascension of the winter hill. The exposure moreover is promuovendo the presence organizing the greatest game of the world “of Simon says „9 fridays February, in one effort to obtain an entrance in the book of the Guinness of world annotations.

An other culminating point of the exposure is the introduction of some interesting vehicles that it includes:

BMW 2007 Alpine B7: The introduction of BMW of the nameplate of Alpine in the United States begins with this special edition supercharged of BMW 7 series sedan.

Porsche 2007 911 GT3 RS: That is the special and light version of the GT3 to high rendering, a homologation produced on special limited scale for the car from race of Porsche 911.

Nissan: Some reviews of the auto body for the large trucks of Nissan — comprised the collection of Titan, the sport-program of usefullness of Armada and the sport-program of usefullness of the explorer — it will be revealed.

Saturn 2008 Astra: The Astra is the newest Saturno, a slow-selling rimontaggio for the ione. Deriving of Opel Astra, this hatchback German-planned continues the movement of the Saturno towards the adoption of the new identity of European-style.

xD 2008 xB of Scion and 2008 of Scion: Scion has announced the introduction of the relati to you rimontaggi for the innovarici box-on-small wheels of xB and the hatchback frequently neglected of XA sedan.

Pontiac 2008 G8: General Motors have resumed the platform of the Holden from Australia and preview a 100%, posterior-small wheel-guide the automobile for the programs of the Pontiac.

Volkswagen 2008 R32: Sold here from 2003 – ’05, all-small wheel-to guide the version of the returns of GTI with a autobahn-syntonize chassis and an inner one luxurious. And since it has constructed from Volkswagen, the buyers are guaranteed that car of better quality like the relative arm of control of Volkswagen is only equipped of the parts.

For the interested individuals that they wish to obtain a look begins them to the exposure pavement, to the hosts car of exposure of the Chicago and to gala of evening the thursday l’8 February. The tickets in order “in the first instance try the charity „have cost $200 rents more of the tuxedo can also be organize to you. had to the great number of hosts previewed to the exposure car, to park in place of McCormick it can turn out to be an edition. The hosts recommend themselves to park to the king Drive Lot To or the lottery to the hotel of Hyatt.

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