Bmw M3

The BMW M3 is a very high performance edition among all the editions of the BMW series car. The current model of the BMW M3 was developed by the BMWs division, the BMW M. the present model of the BMW M3 has been got from the previous models of E36, E30, E46, E92, E90 and the E93 series and it was sold with the sedan, coupe and the convertible styles. The most common advancement in the standard BMW is that they are very much powerful and also they are very responsive. But sometimes the engines of the car are less responsive too. The handling of the BMW car can be very much improved, these cars have a very aggressive body or the aerodynamics and with multiple exterior and interior accents.
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Bmw X3

Owning a car is a dream for many of us. Having a car of our own, that too, getting one car belonging to the BMV Company is dream- come- true for many of us. The Bmw X3 is a SUV that is one among the compact cross over. The automaker BMW is German based and they have brought out this model, in joint venture with Magna Steyr of Austria. This is said to be the manufacturer of X3 s under the process of contract to BMW. This car is based on the automobile platform of 3-series of BMW, E 46. X3 is considered to be the second vehicle next to the X5 to be marketed by the BMW as a SAV- Sports activity vehicle.
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