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The photographer of NYC says that Lindsay Lohan struck with BMW

Who could forget that the pretty actress as who played the principal popular film character “it takes two” and “confessions of a queen of teenager of drama”?

Drawn with the stardom as a young actress in films from Disney, Lindsay Lohan is now one of the starlets most photographed in the world because of his films and successful albums. But it seems that not all is a fairy tale for the pretty face.

The photographer Giovanni Arnold of New York City recently claimed that it was struck by BMW de Lindsay Lohan of actress “of rule of Georgia”. A case counters the actress and her Dina mother, which was supposedly with it per hour of the accident in on March 13 was already classified, of the media which the reports/ratios indicate.

Marc Mauser, the lawyer of Arnold, known as that his customer suffered from the damage in the left and right knees and is always under the treatment of drug. He moreover said that Arnold asked for nonspecific monetary damage to be enough his unpaid days to work and for the pain he suffered.

The lawyer of Lohans, however, was not immediately available for the comment thus his reactions on the case were not increased.

The photographer of NYC claimed Lohans were carefree with the vehicle.

The lawsuit which was classified last week in the supreme court of the county of Bronx declares that BMW was had by the mother of Lindsay’ S, Dina, and that the singer/actress 20 year old led it with his permission.

Arnold was supposedly among the multiple photographers driving out Lindsay Lohan with the Gansevoort hotel in the zone of meat packing. Lohan came supposedly from a night club when the incident occurred.

Lohan supposedly indicated to the post of New York there is two months that one of the shutterbugs jumped on the cap of its car. This struck avalent Arnold accidentally. But according to Mauser, the vehicle of its customer was not in the movement, and it was to go right to take a photograph. Arnold was in front of BMW when Lohan put at back and then it led. Its action threw on the cap and thus it fell on the ground. It added that the actress stopped for during some time to check Arnold before leaving.

Lohans were given 30 days to answer the lawsuit.

To resemble this incident will give to Lindsay Lohan a lesson before it reaches 21 on July 2.

While waiting, BMW, manufacturer of silencer of BMW of quality, are not affected whole by incident. The cars of BMW remain a popular choice of car with young person and similar old man.

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