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Volkswagen, BMW lines European marks in US

Or simply European automakers in sales in the United States admit the German companies Volkswagen and Bavarian engines of works expressed as BMW led. These two automobile companies sell successfully their small cars and luxury sport sedans in the country. The two are the largest European automakers and their success in the United States only their influence on the top side of the European self position would strengthen.

Combined, the 15 European automakers in the United States sold 103,360 carriers last month, an increase of 2.9 per cent compared to the same period last year. In contrast to this the American combined automakers showed an acceptance at the sales through as much as 13 per cent.

Analysts agree in the fact that the demand for Luxuxwaren is strong still particularly in the self sector. During there months, as Luxux automaker, was communicated reduced sales, is strong the surplus all tendency. „Although during the first half there were a month or two to sink as some the European sales saw altogether is the tendency, “strongly, said Wes brown, an analyst for lot a fishing rod-it-created market researcher Iceology Inc. „Luxury-burned products in each industry do well, particularly in the automobile world. “

The sales of both Volkswagen and BMW increase came to a suitable time. The two companies suffered from reduced sales in Germany. The German self market reported recently on an acceptance of 9 per cent at the total number to the new carriers, which were sold at the country during the first yearly half. Since BMW is largest market the United States, it is understandably that this increase in sales is in the country a very large increase for the Bavarian automaker.

“The USmarkt is particularly interesting for us” says Matthias Wissman, the president of the VDA car manufacturer connection in Germany. “We well in the USmarkt”, it added further in position brought.

Together European marks bring now 7,1 per cent United States of the automobile market in embarrassment. This shows an increase of 0.4 per cent. Asiatic marks meanwhile vary and now are nearly on cruising speed control, as they brought together 42,7 per cent United States of the automobile market in embarrassment. American automakers saw their portion of their domestic market sliding again. According to Bloomberg American automakers have now only 50,3 per cent of the market.

If this tendency continues, the forecast of the analyst comes in the self industry applicable. Early this year, was projected it that asiatic and European automakers combine, in order to take the majority United States of the self market share.

Volkswagen is independent the largest European automaker and, it an increase in sales Volkswagen transmission of the attach-appropriate carriers by 15 per cent last month communicated. The increase of sale of the European automaker is the result of the increased demand for Volkswagen the EOS, Jetta and the rabbit – which are small cars. The only Verunstaltung for Volkswagen is that its first half sales fell by a per cent.

BMW is on the one hand the largest Luxuxselbsthersteller. Independently the Bavarian automaker communicated an increase of 6 per cent. Differently than Volkswagen BMW communicated an increase of its first half sale. June is and the first half sales Rekordc$brechen for the automobile company. The demand for its best selling BMW 3 row increased. Consequently BMW communicated an increase of 21 per cent to 3 row for the month June compared to last year.

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